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OPTIMIZERS in Nutshell

-      OPTIMIZERS is a consultant office with expertise in industrial and research field started 2008 (Alexandria , EGYPT ) and   specialized in mechanical system design, analysis, fabrication, prototyping and implementation  

-      Full time team members consisting of 18 persons + outsourcing PHD degree consultant experts

-      More than 144  successful projects in industry, consultation, military and research

-      OPTIMIZERS achieved Complicated electromechanical/Mechatronics  system as Artificial intelligence with automation combination with embedded systems

-      OPTIMIZERS with a skilled high technological machining and fabrication workshop facilitate the implementation of turn key systems, production lines, machines and robotics

-      OPTIMIZERS with Prolonged experience in sophisticated systems in real life implementation of Artificial intelligence combined with embedded systems

-   At OPTIMIZERS , we value having a diverse group of innovators. We all come from different walks of life and different technical backgrounds, each holding distinct interests, ideas and perspectives. We are built of robotics experts, material scientists, app developers, software directors, fabrication specialists



To be the world leader consultant and house for electromechanical system development for engineers investors and researchers seeking for reliability, accuracy and innovative ideas implementation

Mission & Capabilities.

Our mission is to create value by providing technically advanced, innovative, and customer focused solutions. We create long term client relationships that allow us to continually create value.

We hold our designers to the highest standards so that our clients have the utmost confidence in our solutions. We always work to foster a culture of innovation that helps fuel our team’s passion for design. Our dream is to contribute to the never-ending revolution towards innovation and technological advancement, and our capabilities are reflected in our years dedicated towards that dream.



Building no 23 , Street No 16 branched from Gamal Abdelnaser ,Sidi bishr Alexandria Egypt

Mail : info@optimizers-ems.com

Cell: +20101933777

Office tel / Fax : +203 5560238


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